Our company provides a wide range of naval architecture and engineering services concerning commercial and passenger shipping industry in the following sectors.

  • Naval Architecture
  • Ship construction
  • Ship inspection
  • Marine engineering
  • Ship valuation

   The activities privileged by our company include:

  1. Ship design and construction
    • Newbuildings
    • Conversions
    • Lengthening - Reconstructions
    • Refit and Restyling
    • Interior Arrangements
    • Hull Design
    • Naval Architecture studies and calculations
    • Tank Test Models
    • Workshop drawings
    • Full range of construction plans (structural, machinery, electrical, classification)
    • Supervision and consultancy services (Follow - up and supervision in cooperation with shipyards)
    • Specifications of construction, repairs and conversions
    • U.S. Coast Guard Compliance Studies for Passengers Vessels

  2. Feasibility studies
    • Technical and economical (cost estimation)

  3. Technical studies
    • Trim & Stability calculations
    • Grain and Ore Loading calculations
    • Damage stability calculations
    • Strength and loading calculations
    • Tank calibrations
    • Deeper draft calculations
    • Tonnage Measurements
    • MARPOL requirements studies
    • Machinery plants
    • Electrical plants
    • HVAC plants
    • Mast and Rigging studies

  4. Special Projects
    • Fitting of bulbous bow
    • Fitting of propeller duct
    • Fitting of internal car platforms
    • Fitting of car and passengers ramps
    • Re-engining
    • Fitting of Electrical escalators

  5. Research and development
    • Hull optimization
    • Tank tests in collaboration with Model Test Basins especially with the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) department of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
    • Software development (Trim & Stability calculations, Loading Manuals e.t.c.)

  6. Other Services
    • I.S.M Manual and services
    • Training manuals
    • Operation and Maintenance manuals
    • Ballast Water Management Calculations

  7. Safety engineering services
    • On board of various vessels for repair works, conversion and build