"Constantine A. Perdikaris" Engineering & Technical Services firm was founded in Piraeus, Greece, by the Naval Architect & Mechanical Engineer Constantine Perdikaris who graduated from Genoa University in 1978.

   For almost 25 years "C. A. Perdikaris Engineering & Technical Services" and its key personnel and consultants have served the maritime sector by developing innovative vessel designs of a wide range of vessels (Car/Passenger Ferries, Cruise Vessels, Yachts, Bulk Carriers, Tugs, Supply Vessels, Small Tankers, Specialized Vessels e.t.c.), that have proven to be both commercially successful and technologically significant. We have established a reputation for producing, consistently and in competitive prices, high efficient designs that result in the lowest possible construction and operation costs. Our clientele includes major maritime companies of Greek and International Shipping.

   We are capable of providing complete services from preliminary design to a full project execution, such as:

  • New buildings & Conversion Design for all type of Ships (Hull Construction, Arrangements, Machinery, Electrical, Piping, Fire fighting systems e.t.c.)
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project management & Supervision
  • Hull Form designs & Coordination of Model Tests
  • Strength and Loading Calculations
  • Intact & Damage Stability calculations
  • SOLAS, MARPOL & Tonnage calculations.
  • Classification & Flag Authorities Approvals Follow-up
  • I.S.M & Training Manuals
  • Condition, Damage & Evaluation Surveys
  • Technical Consultancy to Shipowners, Law Offices, Shipbrokers, Bank, Insurers
  • Marine Surveys (Condition & Damage)
  • Safety Engineers services

   Constantine Perdikaris' Professional affiliations

  • Member of Technical Chamber of Greece (T.E.E.)
  • European Commission Expert in the "Naval Architect - Ship Design Expert" research field
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of Naval Architecture of the Technical Chamber of Greece for 2 terms
  • Member of Hellenic Association of Naval Architects (H.A.N.A.). General Secretary for 12 years
  • Member of Hellenic Association of Mechanical & Electrical Engineers
  • Member of Hellenic Marine Technical Consultants Associations
  • Member of Inquiry Councils for Marine Accidents of the Hellenic Ministry of Merchantile Marine for 6 years
  • Member of Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies (C.E.M.T.) as Representative of H.A.N.A. for 6 years
  • Assoc. Member of the Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers (SNAME)
  • Member of organizing committees of various seminars (Tonnage Measurement of Ships, Load Lines, Shipbuilding Technology e.t.c.) held by Technical Chamber of Greece